Freeze video/still shot

Is there a way to slow down the video in certain sections? Slow down or freeze it. I also want to know If WeVideo can let me take a picture or select a frame as an image.

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You can! If you cut the long video into pieces then you can select the section of the video you want to speed up or slow down. You can change the speed through the Slow/fast motion menu when editing the section.

For the picture I use my computer’s built in snipping tool to get the shot and upload it.

I’ve done it before by taking a screen shot, but being able to select a single frame and stretch it out would be really useful.


Thank you Rhonda and Mr. Sr. EdTech Of the Universe. I thought about taking a screen shot, BUT you know the video shows in LOW resolution because well its web-based. I don’t want to take a picture of a low resolution screen and when the video looks awesome in HD my picture will still look in blurry. When I am making a tutorial It would be super weird to stop take a screenshot and then continue the tutorial. I was thinking you can take a frame from the actual video.

I agree with Mr. Incredible, The need this feature in WeVideo… Along with video AND picture cropping lol Imma keep asking for it!

I need to play with the Slow motion. When I did it, it turn that segment into the beginning of my video. super odd.


While I appreciate @rhonda.jenkins suggestion, and have done that very thing, I still find it lacking (even when separating the clip to slow it down beyond recognition). Pair this with the inability to crop and a pixellated abomination of a screen shot is still the way to go (imho).
All that said, I appreciate what WeVideo DOES have. The creativity and expression that it fosters is truly outstanding. After all, we are teachers (well, some of us, but really all of us), and we want to see something great become even greater. :slight_smile:


WeVideo is so happy to announce we’ve launched Cropping! This feature is available on all paid plans and can be tried out on trials and free plans.

Don’t worry about filming things outside of your green screen anymore. With cropping, you can remove the areas that are right outside of the shot you want.

I appreciate all the suggestions above, but none of them are giving me the results I am looking for. I would like to freeze video and keep the still shot on screen while an explanation is given. I don’t want to slow down the video section.

I’ve tried the snipping tool, but the quality doesn’t match, there is a “jump” in the screen and the alignment is a little off and tough to fix. I have tried having those in the video “freeze” for a few seconds so I could cut that clip but that doesn’t work either. I just want to stop motion of the video but keep it on the screen like an image.